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This training facility started with the love for horses and the desire to train and compete. The use of our resistance free training methods has developed this facility into a year round training facility and event center.

At our Birch Coulee Ranch we enjoy putting a touch of the old west in our horse training program. We ride the horses checking pasture fences, counting the new calves, and roping to doctor cows/calves. We cross over creeks, ride up hills, around rocks and pick our way through the pine trees, we ride by the river picking our way over logs while listening to the ducks and geese greet us announcing the hatching of their little ones. This experience for horses and people is priceless. It gives the spooky colts a chance to get their mind on being a horse and it gives an arena horse a new refreshed outlook.

Birch Coulee Arena along with friends, spend countless hours enjoying this time remembering what riding horse is all about! Being able to go places where a rabbit wouldn’t go, laughing over the challenges of a colt’s first creek crossing, seeing whose horse, or rider, has the biggest eyes when you strap a rope on a 1000 lb cow! If all that’s not fun enough we hold a branding in late spring. Putting the horses to work gathering, sorting and dragging calves to the fire.

          cowboy and horse
Welcome to the home of Birch Coulee Arena, LLC. We provide quality horse training, cattle events in a safe and friendly environment for horses & ridersof all levels:

  • Ranch Rodeos
  • Working Cow Horse
  • Colt Starting & Finishing
  • Horsemanship Clinics
  • Cattle Sorting
  • Riding Lessons
  • Horse Boarding



The Cows have come home, So lets start Sortin' - Doctorin' - Loadin' - Pennin'

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